Abjayon delivers End-To-End Meter-To-Cash Platform to “Qatar Cool”
Team Abjayon successfully implemented a fully-optimized meter-to-cash business process in a mere timeline of 9 months.

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The Overview

Increasing competition and cost pressures have compelled energy suppliers to optimize their procedures. The energy industry’s primary process is the Meter-to-Cash process, which includes everything from meter reading to billing and receivables management. Analyzing this end-to-end, cross-departmental process chain to provide transparency and identify optimization possibilities is difficult.

The meter-to-cash process involves processes that necessitate the integration of several distinct systems. There are various places where data transfer between systems can fail. As a result, customers may be overcharged or undercharged for services. The former generates unhappy customers and negative press, while the latter generates lower-than-expected revenue, which might influence future operations. To maintain the accuracy and timeliness of revenue collections, each utility must have a method to regularly validate billed usage.

While quality and dependability continue to be key priorities, no utility supply can develop a resilient company unless cash flows are consistent. Qatar Cool is Qatar’s largest commercial supplier of district cooling services. The company presently owns and runs four cooling facilities spanning the West Bay and The Pearl-Qatar districts, with a total refrigeration capacity of 237,000 tons. Since its beginning, the company has gained valuable technical and operational experience, along with refined strategies on both B2B and B2C fronts. But the company has faced significant challenges regarding high-bill complaints and customer dissatisfaction.

In order to optimize its meter-to-cash process, Qatar Cool leveraged team Abjayon’s services aiming at the following objectives.

Concluding the primary challenges, team Abjayon, as the lead system integrator, began optimizing Qatar Cool’s existing processes and services. This entailed upgrading current technology with the most recent single corporate solution and unifying the customer information system, billing/collection, and customer support applications.
Starting a project to automate utilities entails outlining its distinctive procedures, particularly those related to meter-to-cash. Our team’s main focus was to implement new customer support and billing/collection system for their residential and commercial customers with several integrations but not limited to AMR meters.

Team Abjayon created a roadmap for the rollout and execution of the project. The end-to-end streamlining of the project was executed by a team of 20 experts in a period of nine months.

We strategically planned to streamline a meter-to-cash process that aimed to deliver multiple benefits. However, the team faced challenges in implementing previously existing meter measurement and billing process scenarios into the new customer-to-meter business process.

The existing systems of Qatar Cool were rigid and complex, leading to the intervention of regulatory bodies to stop the previous bill collection process. Team Abjayon replaced the existing billing and collection system with Oracle Utilities Customer to Meter (C2M).

“Oracle Utilities Customer to Meter is a billing and customer service system for conventional numeric meters and billing procedures. It is intended for utilities of all sizes, supports one-to-many utility service types, and deals with the intricacies of a utility’s business processes”.

We also cleansed and transformed the data so as to achieve the necessary data normalization in the newly implemented Customer to Meter (C2M) service. A Digital Self Service Portal was also set up to cater to the demands and queries of customers.

The modified version of the solution met all of the goals, and the end results were highly praised by the client.


The project went live on September 2022. Qatar Cool can now take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to improve consumer intelligence and streamline corporate procedures, which reduces operational expenses. In addition, it also improved Qatar Cool’s meter-to-cash process by implementing a customer care and engagement platform on top of existing meter management, invoicing, and payment technologies. Our client’s team can now more readily access accurate and timely information by combining data, analytics, and client billing and payment interfaces in a single system.

Our team is currently offering its one-year post-go-live support for the implemented solution. Additionally, Qatar Cool has plans to use Abjayon’s newly implemented Customer-to-Meter service in its upcoming business expansions.

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