Abjayon Digital Self Service (ADSS)

Enabling Organizations to Build Effective Digital Relationships with their Customers

Abjayon Digital Self Service (ADSS) is an enterprise application built using best-in-class technologies and helps the energy companies to build digital relationships with their customers.

It is an integrated multi-channel digital platform for customer self-service enabling online account management, billing and payments and advanced usage analytics.

The platform enables utility companies to provide superior customer service and reduce their operating costs with live chat, virtual agents (bots), contextual self-help and ticket management system for services or complaints.

All the support systems can be integrated with Case Management or Content Management systems. Alerts, Notifications on bills, outages or any meter related issues originating from a metering / billing system or marketing messages can be composed and broadcasted to any customer.

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Success Stories

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Key Features

The key features for Abjayon Digital Self Service are as follows:

  • Sign-up and Registration
  • Dashboard
    1. Customer details
    2. Account Details
    3. Account Summary
    4. Usage Summary
  • Bills and Payments
  • Usage
  • Self-Help
  • Support
  • Chatbot, LiveChat
  • Profile Management
  • Payment Integration

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