Case Study 1


Large Utility customer in India had implemented CCB 2.3.1 8 years back for 7M customers. The client was stuck because CCB data grew to ~17 TB. Data was never archived and started impacting performance.

The customer wanted to upgrade to the latest versions, move all 30M customers to CCB and also implement C2M, WAM, and OUA. However, they were not confident about Oracle products because of the issues they were facing. Oracle brought us in to salvage the customer.

Our Contribution:

We studied their existing implementation and designed a selective archival strategy keeping in mind the ILM based design of the archival solution available in the later release of CCB. We also studied their customizations and automation, and proposed how to reduce customizations by using the configurations available in the system.

We have proposed the upgrade strategy including Utilities applications and technology upgrades. Working closely with Oracle and the customer to implement the same.