About Us:

Abjayon is an Enterprise Technology Services Provider with a focus on two areas – providing Product and Solution Engineering Services to the Enterprise customers and implementing Oracle Utilities-based solutions across the world. We create value for organizations by engineering innovative customer experiences, customizing products and technologies for new markets, integrating new-age technologies, facilitating faster time to market, and ensuring a competitive edge. Current role is to work in our Industry Strategy Group, which we are newly ramping.

Industry Strategy Group – Coverage:

Customer Experience (Cx)

Caters to customer-centric business processes of the utility including but not limited to Meter to Cash:

  • Simplified and modern billing models
  • Customer Service
  • Self Service
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Fieldwork


Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Smart Metering related business processes:

  • Meter Data Management
  • Smart Metering
  • Integrations
  • Smart Metering Operations
  • Load Forecasting using meter data
  • Energy Audit


Caters to business processes relating to grid modernization, edge integrations, outage and distribution management functions and infrastructure for power, gas and water utilities.

  • Smart Asset management
  • Outage and distribution management
  • Energy Management System
  • T&D loss management
  • Utilities Control Centre
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)
  • Fieldwork


Grid Edge is the center of the energy system. Decentralized generation, energy efficiency, IoT, Data Monetization, Insights from data at Edge of the grid matters for a digital utility.

  • Edge analytics
  • DERs and Grid Resilience
  • IoT applications and integrations

Role & Responsibilities:

Research And Analysis

  • Ability to analyze competitive landscape, markets, regulatory environment to find unserved areas and opportunities that could be a feature to an existing solution or a new solution

Strategic Planning

  • Must be familiar with and drive all aspects of products and solutions for utilities including pricing, marketing, strategic partnerships and market reach.

Drive Market Positioning

  • Be able to determine and drive product positioning in 1 -3-5 years horizon.

Manage Product And Service Lifecycle

  • Develop and manage the entire product and solutions lifecycle.

Key Competencies:

Ability To Tell Stories

  • The candidate must be able to communicate new, vague and complex ideas effectively and in an easily understandable way to varying levels of audience.

Entrepreneurial spirit

  • You need to see opportunities where no one else can see anything. Ability to identify risks in a clear manner and use her own discretion to take risks.

Data savvy

  • Friendly with complex data. Find opportunities and solutions using available data (primary, secondary sources) about the company, customers feedbacks, competitive landscape, regulatory environment etc.

Domain expertise

  • Be a thought leader in one of the below areas, (a) Customer Experience, CIS, CRM etc. (b) Outage and Distribution systems, DERs, AMI etc. (c) Advanced analytics tools and technologies

Job Overview

  • Date Posted: December 14, 2021
  • Location: Hyderabad TS, Gurugram HR
  • Job Title: Director / Analyst - Utilities Industry Strategy Group (Full-Time)

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