Enriching Cruise Experiences with NexGen Shipboard Property Management System (SPMS)
Abjayon helped engineer the next-generation SPMS platform for a leading software solution provider with a digital-first approach. Here’s how –
As per a report published by the World Economic Forum, “Essential attributes of customer expectations in today’s digital world include contextualized interactions and seamless experience across channels; anytime, anywhere.” And with customer expectations ever-evolving in the digital age, the need to fulfill them with utmost credibility and expertise is the need of the hour.

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Over a three-year period, the benefits were:

$7.8 M

In savings as a result of reduced contact center usage

$16 M

in cost savings due to efficient usage of contact channels

In a digital age where customer expectations are ever-evolving, cruise companies face challenges in managing their fleet operations, while delivering exclusive holiday experiences. Moreover, one of the critical objectives of the hospitality industry, especially in the era of digitization, is the ability to meet both environmental and safety standards.

Hence, in order to remain atop the often-turbulent waves of the digital age, cruise operators are gearing up to deliver impeccable passenger experiences via flawlessly orchestrated management as well as cutting-edge innovation. Accordingly, our client, a leading software solution provider in the hospitality sector, chose the expertise we deliver with an aim to revolutionize how cruise companies would handle their fleet operation in the years to come. For Abjayon, this meant revamping and redesigning the existing system, leveraging the modern technology stack to combine digital transformation and valuable customer experiences.

Concluding the primary challenges, team Abjayon, as the lead system integrator, began optimizing Qatar Cool’s existing processes and services. This entailed upgrading current technology with the most recent single corporate solution and unifying the customer information system, billing/collection, and customer support applications.

With renowned expertise in enterprise architecture and product engineering, Abjayon was engaged by the client to help engineer the next-generation Shipboard Property Management System (SPMS) platform with a digital-first approach. Abjayon’s team worked relentlessly to overcome the challenges associated with generating a seamless digital experience by leveraging new-age technology platforms.

The platform was built using cutting-edge technology stack to combine digital transformation and valuable customer experiences, such as passenger onboarding, crew and fleet management software, food and beverage management, dining and events management, and others.

By leveraging new-age technology platforms, the approach was characterized by building a next-generation Shipboard Property Management System (SPMS) with remarkably unique features, such as point-of-sales (POS), gangway, crew management, safety, security, housekeeping, spa, excursions, and fine dining.
When Abjayon came on board, our client was still in the initial stages of establishing a completely digital platform. Moreover, to remain competitive on every level, our client deeply recognized the importance of delivering a seamless connected experience both at sea and on land. Abjayon’s prime focus, in this regard, was the incorporation of new cloud technologies and providing both shore-side and onboard teams with a single platform to communicate as one voice.
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Our client builds solutions for the hospitality industry, with an aim to revolutionize how cruise companies handle their fleet operation. It also helps incorporate new cloud technologies, offering both shore-side and onboard teams a single platform to communicate as one voice.

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