Modernizing Utilities’ Infrastructure with Oracle C2M

Thought Paper on CIS Modernization and Utilities Payment using Oracle Utilities Customer to Meter (C2M)
When utility companies consider modernization and replacement of their existing billing system, they often evaluate the solution via various criteria. One of the must-have requirements sought in the solution is its capability to handle the existing and foreseeable revenue streams.

Such payment centric considerations and the overall utilities’ payment landscape is explained in this thought paper with Oracle Utilities Customer to Meter (C2M) as the solution of choice. Oracle C2M is a versatile product that meets all expectations of a utility embarking on the modernization path. In the last section of the paper, we have provided our first-hand experience in the implementation of a common payment channel.

About the Author
Sagar Prasad is a Senior Consultant with Abjayon working in utilities domain and has worked extensively on process enhancement and modernization projects spanning across billing and meter data management systems.

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