Product Development and Cloud Migration

Our Team

Our team at Abjayon brings long years of experience creating high-quality enterprise scale product development to the industry.

Our management team and engineers have created world-class enterprise grade products, while they worked at Oracle. Our deep knowledge and expertise in cloud technologies, CI/CD, and technology agnostic approach has been helpful in winning several product development contracts for cloud based product development in Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, HR and other industries.


If you are contemplating, moving your products into the cloud, or create new offering, our team of experts is ready to help you make the move.

Our team is well trained on Agile methodology and is ready to take complete advantage of smaller scrum cycles, to convert your ideas into scalable, robust and marketable cloud products.

Our team is well versed with AWS, Azure and Oracle cloud platforms.

Delivery Model

Delivery Model NEW

Our Strengths

  • Enterprise scale architecture and design
  • Agile product development
  • End-to End Quality Assurance (QA strategy, test automation, manual testing, security testing)
  • Performance & Benchmarking