Solution Engineering

Our software engineering services creates value for organizations by engineering innovative customer experiences, customizing products and technologies for new markets, integrating new-age technologies, facilitating faster time to market and ensuring a competitive edge.

Our Offerings

Enterprise Architecture

Lifecycle Management from strategy to deployment based on Agile and Non-Agile methodologies


Comprehensive Testing Services across channels and platforms using various manual and automation methods

Product Engineering

End-to-end design, development, testing and release of Software to meet your specific business solutions


Agile Software Development and automation through a CI/CD pipeline to minimize cycle times and time to market

Engineering Consulting

Your Trusted Advisors to manage Product Strategy and Engineering

Data Modernization & Integration Services

Guide businesses in adopting a cloud native approach to data by leveraging modern data analytics and data mining technologies to generate insights and using service oriented architectures to integrate various enterprise systems in a distributed environment.

AWS Consulting Services

We complement our expertise as a solution vendor specializing in developing product & services designed to modernize the digital footprint of modern businesses and help guide them access potential funding & assistance from AWS to support their digital transformation journey including but not limited to - cloud migration services, cyber security and data management services.

Cloud Security

We enable security at the point of data, for both data at rest and data in transit. Help modern businesses leverage various cloud native security tools to build a comprehensive framework for enforcing compliance in cloud security practices & methodologies.

Infrastructure Modernization

We provide modern businesses the opportunity to modernize their legacy infrastructure by adopting cloud native compute, storage and network options. We enable modern businesses in their journey to the cloud by adopting the latest cloud topologies & infrastructure-as- code paradigms.

Success Stories

Solution Engineering Success Stories Utilities

Driving Digital Transformation With A Next-Gen Virtual Healthcare Platform

How Abjayon helped transform Avance Care, a North Carolina (US) based Primary Healthcare provider, from being a tech-enabled company to now a tech-driven company by developing and delivering a next-gen virtual healthcare and patient engagement platform. In mid-2019, Abjayon was hired by an Avance Care Health System, an innovative Primary Healthcare provider, to lead and

Solution Engineering Success Stories

Enhancing Cruise Experience with Next Generation Shipboard Property Management System (SPMS)

How we helped engineer Next Generation SPMS platform that encompasses all essential functionalities, such as cruise reservation system, crew, and fleet management software, food and beverage management, dining and events management, Spa and Excursions. The customer expectations are ever evolving in the digital age. According to one of the reports published by World Economic Forum,

Our Solution Engineering Think Tank

Meet Antani

Managing Director

20 years with Oracle Product Development with 9 years managing Utilities Product. Architect for product like OUA (New technology) and Utilities Test Accelerator (OATS based)

Jaynarayan Rayaroth

Head, Solution Engineering

15+ years of Product Development and Services experience with 12+ years in Oracle Utilities. An experienced software development leader who has held various product development leadership positions,spearheading enterprise application development.

Neeraj Datta


30 years of experience managing Information Technology Sales and Business Development. Responsible for P&L, Large Deals, Portfolio Management and Digital Transformation across several countries and continents.

Insights from our Experts


Why write code when you can generate it

In day to day life, a programmer spends a lot of valuable time on writing repeated code. These repeated codes are known as boilerplate. Writing a lot of boilerplate hampers the productivity of a developer. There are a lot of Code Generators that help to reduce the valuable time spent on writing these boilerplates, for


Microservices and AWS Deployment Models

In this post let’s collate some insight into building distributed applications using the Microservices application architecture by leveraging the Spring Boot platform. We will also delve into the cost benefit analysis of using different AWS deployment models with the objective of achieving horizontal scalability, high availability and better performances. Building micro-services using Spring Boot stack


What your electricity bill won’t tell you

Unless you are living under a rock (in which case, stay there till there’s a vaccine available), the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted you in some way or another. The pandemic has resulted in changed living situations for a lot of folks, including yours truly. I was sharing a 3-bedroom apartment with my flatmates, who were

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