About Abjayon:

Abjayon is an Enterprise solutions and services provider with a strong focus on engineering and implementing solutions for Utilities, Healthcare, and Hospitality industries.

We are a team of highly experienced and driven technology professionals who take immense pride in our inherent value of remaining unperturbed by any problem, task, or challenge.

The top management and core engineering team come with many years of rich engineering experience. Our deep understanding and expertise in engineering solutions create value for organizations by engineering innovative customer experiences, customizing products and technologies for new markets, integrating new-age technologies, facilitating faster time to market, and ensuring a competitive edge.


  • Collaborate with Technical Architects to design frameworks and be responsible for the development, creation, testing, and documenting of systems as per business requirements and in accordance with agreed timelines and quality standards, and in conformance with the development process and tools being used
  • Design, coordinate and execute pilots, prototypes, or proof of concepts to evaluate new technologies, tools, and frameworks
  • Work on PoCs and do innovations in deep tech.
  • Work with developers to design scalable data-driven analytical solutions and infrastructures, including technical feasibility and proposal development for storage, processing, and consumption
  • Define technical requirements (scalability, availability, maintenance, security) and drive the implementation
  • Own the responsibility of Scaling, Performance, and Quality for the team. Design & set up best practices to help the team achieve business outcomes
  • Drive the adoption of these best practices around coding, design, quality, and performance in teams
  • Implement new features and enhancements to address issues in complex systems
  • Lead and be the technical mentor to the team, drive technology, and tool choices and be responsible for all of them.


  • A passion for architecture and developing robust, scalable software systems
  • Intricate understanding of architectural and design choices, deep knowledge of one or more tech stacks, ability to identify alternative tech choices and trade-offs
  • Ability to identify feasible alternatives and select optimal choice of data structures and advanced algorithms
  • Proven experience in software development and coding in various languages (Node.js, Java, React.Js, etc.)
  • Experience with Microservices and Cloud Native applications on AWS / Azure.
  • Experience in designing and building large distributed systems and exposure to a variety of large-scale persistent systems including large databases like MongoDB, ElasticSearch
  • Experience with distributed cache like Redis
  • Should have sound knowledge of Design patterns and SOLID Design Principles
  • Experience implementing great development practices: unit testing, TDD, agile methodology
  • Experience in any of the monitoring tools like Datadog or similar
  • The ability to over-communicate (along with excellent articulation skills)
  • Enhanced curiosity & ability to geek out with new technologies. Always be thinking about newer ways to solve old problems
  • Knowledge of workflow tools like Airflow, Temporal or similar is a plus
  • DevOps knowledge and experience using Jenkins, Docker Kubernetes is a plus

Job Overview

  • Date Posted: 20-Oct-2022
  • Location: India
  • Job Title: Technical Architect - Full Stack

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