A leading Electricity Transmission Company in India improves its Asset Health Management System Using Impresa Insights

March 20, 2024

Business Challenges

  • Maintaining grid stability and reliability poses an ongoing challenge, compounded by the need for rigorous regulatory compliance.
  • The integration of emerging smart grid technologies, sensors, and data analytics adds complexity, especially considering the varied types and geographical dispersion of assets. Retrieving vast historical asset data becomes crucial for informed decision-making, while an isolated approach to asset maintenance may hinder overall efficiency.
  • Balancing resource and time optimization, addressing aging management concerns, and ensuring the reliability of system assets require a forward-looking digital solution.
  • Simultaneously, the pressing need for advanced diagnostics and round-the-clock monitoring must be met, all while prioritizing data privacy and cybersecurity.


  • Oracle WAM, which manages Work Order, Asset Health, and Resource Optimization—the three primary business facets of Power Transmission Utilities.
  • Impresa Insights to establish integrated AI-ML based platform which integrate WAM to existing IT and OT systems such as SCADA, ERP, GIS, etc.
  • Asset Health Management System (AHMS). The integrated solution of Oracle WAM with Impresa Insights.


  • Monitoring critical asset health enables timely issue resolution, extending asset lifespan, maximizing ROI, and reducing the need for premature replacements.
  • Implementing real-time monitoring ensures early issue detection, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall system reliability. This approach supports data-driven decision-making by providing valuable insights into asset conditions, optimizing maintenance strategies to reduce costs and downtime.
  • Using insights into asset performance, the utility company can optimize energy efficiency. Proactive maintenance and optimized asset management contribute significantly to cost reduction.
  • Enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction

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