Impresa Insights

The ALL-IN ONE Data analytics Solution
for Utilities

Present Impresa CX

Presenting Impresa Insights

Abjayon presents Impresa Insights, a modular, scalable, and future-proof AI/ML-enabled big data enterprise platform for managing and analyzing the vast volumes of data in the Utility Industry.

Impresa Insights can help Master your Data

  • Convert your Unstructured Data to meaningful analysis and insights in real-time.
  • Combining back-office analytics and distributed analytics on a multi-solution platform.
  • Monetise your Data and use it to develop new energy services, distribute resources efficiently, adapt infrastructures and engage customers in a sustainable way.
Utility Specific Data Lake

Utility Specific Data Lake

  • Ability to connect with multiple data sources
  • Built-in ML and data mining capabilities
  • Built-in Self Service BI module
  • Prebuilt storyboards and reports
  • Ability to connect with multiple data sources

The ability to extract, clean and analyze cross-sectional data from multiple commercial and operational areas allows Impresa Insights to present exceptionally sharp business intelligence to help Utilities achieve network-level optimization

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