Impresa CX for Utilities

Cutting-edge, AI-powered and Comprehensive Customer Engagement Platform for Utilities.

Our Mission

Presenting Impresa CX

An integrated Utilities customer portal that promises to improve CX and reduce Operating Cost, built by the pioneers of Oracle Energy and Water customer experience (CX) products. It is designed to support CIS, AMI leading business practices. Open Stack Architecture with API framework
  • Highly Scalable, extendable enterprise grade application
  • Embedded advanced insights and analytics
  • Pre -integrated with Oracle CCS
  • Standard integration with payment gateways
  • Modular UI Widgets

Experience Impresa CX in action

Impresa CX Features

Customer Self Service

  • Weekly Comparison
  • Highest usage days
  • Consumption analytics
  • On-demand Meter Read
  • Tariff change
  • Carbon emissions
  • Net metering

Advanced Analytics

  • Service requests
    • Permanent service termination
    • Customers Move-in & Move-out
    • Transfer Ownership
  • Complaints
    • Billing
    • Payments
    • General
  • Past tickets

Manage Services

  • Onboarding New Customers
  • Registration
  • Manage Preferences
  • Record & Maintain Customer
  • Demographics
  • Record & Maintain Site Details
  • Bill & Payments
  • Notifications
  • Autopay
  • Instant access to information
  • Self service
  • Easy Payment Methods
  • Fast grievance Redressal
  • Saving Tips through Advanced analytics
  • Increase Revenue Collection
  • Minimize Routine Service Calls
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Help drive sustainability initiatives
Try Impresa CX to revolutionize the way your organization operates and improve efficiency and performance beyond your expectations!

Utilities Industry’s Leading CX Platform

Modular UI widgetsThe Impresa CX web interface is highly configurable and consists of pluggable widgets that can be embedded within your current website to allow a seamless look and feel with low integration costs.

Oracle Energy and Water (Utilities) IntegrationAbjayon’s swift implementation approach has been refined over years of experience to ensure a smooth and efficient transition. For ease, Impresa CX has been pre-integrated with Oracle Energy and Water Customer to Meter, Customer Care and Billing and Meter Data Management.

White LabellingCollaborate with us to co-brand or white label our Impresa technology, with our expert support throughout the process.

Billing Impresa allows customers to pay in ways that best suit their needs and allows them to opt-in for different billing methods such as automatic and paperless billing.

Reduced Costs Customers can leverage Impresa’s AI/ML-enabled features, such as conversational AI, bill and usage forecasting and next-best-action insights to help lower costs.

Manage Multiple AccountsThe Impresa multi-account support feature helps customers manage more than one account with the same login making it easy to pay bills across several households.

Preference ManagementCustomers can choose how to communicate with customizable settings for notification preferences, marketing interactions, preferred contact modes, billing alerts, and bill delivery formats.

Business Multi-Accounting Impresa offers advanced search capabilities to assist commercial account managers responsible for hundreds of accounts. This feature enables them to locate accounts easily, make payments for single or multiple accounts, and restrict accounts to cash-only status, as needed.

Assign Account ManagersEmployees can be assigned to undertake one-on-one account management for C & I clients to handle administration and liaise with purchasing teams. Impresa allows you to maintain supervisory control.

Targeted Marketing & ContentCreate a personalized engagement strategy that meets your C&I customers’ needs with bespoke offerings toward their load profile and sustainability goals.

Self HelpGive customers instant gratification with Impresa’s highly intuitive contactless operations. Real time information transforms the quality of customer engagements so your customers no longer have to spend hours on the phone dealing with their usage, bills, scheduling, and technical issues.

InsightsEducate customer knowledge on Utilities usage with modular tools like bill comparison, data browser, usage trends, home energy analysis and ways-to-save recommendations. These tools enable self-service account actions and encourage customers to take proactive measures toward sustainable resource consumption.

Help CentreAnticipate and address the most frequently asked questions and requests for assistance. With clear and structured categories, customers can easily find the answers they need. Additional context is also provided through attachments, enhancing the customer support experience.

Support HistoryMaintain continuous communication with customers as Impresa logs conversation histories and syncs them back to the Customer Information System (CIS). This feature enables customers and agents to revisit previous conversations and pick up where they left off, which can be particularly useful when transitioning to a phone call.

Feature PackedOffer customers a frictionless digital journey with an engaging set of gamified features that cover billing, metering, payments, customer service, business intelligence, self-help modules and many more aspects across several channels.

Easy & Intuitive UXThe Impresa interface is modern and responsive. It presents information clearly and is user-friendly across all channels, and will customize to specific user roles, personas, and systems to prevent overwhelming customers with excessive information.

Behavioral AnalysisWe’ve extensively tested with target user groups to understand consumer usage patterns, expectations, demographics, technical savviness and integrated reliable predictive suggestions. Consequently, the Impresa user interface is effortless and convenient, instinctively leading customers to autonomous resolutions.

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