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Impresa Prepaid engine is a complete prepaid billing engine that comes with prebuilt APIs that can be integrated with any CIS, Billing and Meter Data Management System. It provides the utilities with the ability to retrieve usage from meter data management systems and convert the usage into amount then validate if the user has enough balance to continue to receive the power. Multiple top-up/recharge reminders will be sent to customers based on the thresholds defined and in case customers did not recharge in the stipulated time then power will be discontinued to the customers by triggering a disconnect command from Impresa CX.

Impresa Prepaid, seamlessly integrated with Impresa CX, redefines the utility experience by providing users unparalleled engagement and control. Through an intuitive smartphone app and website interface, customers can effortlessly monitor their accounts, make smaller, more frequent payments, and set personalized reminders. The flexible payment structure empowers users with financial control, while transparent account monitoring offers real-time insights into estimated service days left, meeting the demand for transparency in the utility sector.


Flexible Recharge Options

Offers flexibility in recharging accounts, allowing consumers to choose the amount and frequency of their payments based on their needs and financial situation.

Promotes Energy Efficiency

Encourages customers to adopt energy-efficient practices as they become more aware of their usage patterns and the associated costs.

Encourages Timely Payments

Encourages timely payments, reducing the instances of late or missed payments and ensuring a steady cash flow for utility providers.

Real Time Monitoring

Allows consumers to monitor their usage in real time, promoting awareness and encouraging energy and resource conservation.


The advent of prepaid billing in utilities has revolutionized the way consumers manage and pay for essential services like electricity, water, and gas. Prepaid billing systems allow users to pay for services in advance, giving them greater control over their usage and expenditure. This innovative approach has significantly reduced the burden of unpredictable bills and late payment hassles, leading to enhanced financial management for consumers. Moreover, utilities providers benefit from reduced administrative costs and improved cash flow, as prepaid systems streamline the billing process and minimize revenue losses associated with unpaid bills. Additionally, prepaid billing encourages energy and resource conservation, as consumers become more aware of their consumption patterns in real-time, fostering a more sustainable approach to utility usage.

Key Features

Flexible Recharge Options

Offers flexibility in recharging accounts, allowing consumers to choose the amount and frequency of their payments based on their needs and financial situation.

Recharge Configuration

Maintains values of Minimum Recharge that must be done by a customer to restore their connection if disconnected previously. This value can be set for a customer class and period.

Notification Configuration

Set up Notification texts to be setup to customers in case of disconnection. The setup includes notification reason, mode of delivery, and message content.

Disconnect Configuration

Setup values of first and final reminders that need to be sent to customers when their balance is getting low as per threshold values. This value can be set for a customer class and period.

Exclusion Configuration

Setup Exclusion reasons for not disconnecting a connection. This value can be set for a customer class and period

Data Sync Setting

Specify the source system (e.g. Oracle MDM) and the frequency of data sync.

Refund Setting

This is used to set up Refund conditions once account is closed. The setup can be done for a customer class, Refund Applicability, Refund Type (full or partial), Refund%, Number of months after which a refund is initiated.

Rate Variables

These are the rate variables used in the prepaid engine. The values can be numerical value applicable without any condition and they could also be as per Slabs/ range

  • Variable ID. A unique value
  • Slab Variable – User can choose whether this value is applicable for a select Range, or this is a common Value. Yes, selection would mean this is a Range that can be defined
  • Description – Description of the Variable
  • Customer Class select from a list of Customer class
  • Consumption Range – A minimum to maximum range of consumption for which the variable applies
  • Load Range – A minimum to maximum range of Load for which the variable applies
Our Mission
Our Mission

Key Features

Tariff Configuration

Arrears Inclusion Configuration

Integrated with Payment system/vendors for payment updates, Oracle C2M, MDM, CCB, other analytical systems, and SAP

Configuration Option for Holiday Calendar Peak/Off-Peak, RC/DC window configuration

Customer Maintenance

Estimation Calculation

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