About Us

About Abjayon

Abjayon – simply pronounced as “Ab – Jay – ON” stands for purity of thought and action.

Abjayon is a technology services provider with focus on two areas –

  • Digital transformation and modernization for Utilities across the globe
  • Next- generation product and solution engineering services to enterprise customers

We are a team of highly experienced and driven technology professionals who in every challenge see an opportunity to scale newer heights. We take immense pride in our inherent value of remaining unperturbed by any problem, task, or challenge.

The top management and core engineering team comes with many years of rich product development and engineering experience. Our deep understanding and expertise in solutions engineering creates value for organizations by engineering innovative customer experiences, customizing products and technologies for new markets, integrating new-age technologies, facilitating faster time to market, and ensuring a competitive edge.

It is values like these that constantly urge us to make the challenges of our clients our own, and take them on.

So, Bring IT On.


Make a difference to our customers and provide immense value through our innovative solutions and quality services.


Build and deliver innovative solutions to drive digital transformation for our customers by leveraging our deep technical expertise.


  • Accountability : We always deliver on our commitments and strive to exceed expectations.
  • Competitive Spirit : We believe in healthy competition, internal and external.
  • Inclusiveness : We celebrate diversity. Everyone feels they have a place here.
  • Team Work : We value individual excellence and strong teamwork, both.


  • Socially Responsible : We strive to contribute to the society.
  • Integrity : We strive to demonstrate honesty and truthfulness in whatever we do.
  • Learning Focused : We strive to learn and relearn.

Our Manifesto

Challenges are hurdles for many. Not for us. Challenges excite us.
We like waking up to challenges every morning.
We don’t look at them like others may do. We look at them with an
instinctual desire to take them on. We look at them as opportunities.
Opportunities to rise. Opportunities to be the solution.
Opportunities to make things better. Opportunities to be more than
what we were yesterday. Opportunities to overcome.
We look at challenges as the fuel that drives us.
We look at challenges as a reason to
outdo and outperform.
We look at them as a reason to exist.
So, when challenges stare at
us in the face,
we stare at them back and say,
Bring IT On.

Our Team