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Our Salesforce Capabilities

Our Salesforce Application Development In Nutshell

UI Development with LWC (HTML / CSS / JavaScript / XML / SVG)

Apex (Trigger + Class) – Communication Automation, Service Records automation, Sharing Automation

Workflow Management through Flows

  • Approvals
  • Email Alerts
  • Call out

Data Loader

  • Bulk Data Insert/ Upload
  • Bulk Data Export
  • Data Import from
  • External Systems

Experience Sites (Community Sites)

Profile & Permissions Sets Management

Layouts (Page Layouts + Flexi Pages)

Custom business views using Record Types

Experience Sites Custom Metadata and Setting – Flows, Apex etc

Our Salesforce Devops Capabilities

Salesforce CLI – Full Lifecycle Management

  • SFDX
  • Salesforce CLI

2GP – Packaging Model (Unlocked, Unmanaged and Managed)

CI/CD Pipeline for Package Creation, Promotion and Deployment.

Scratch Org Management – NameSpace, DevHub

Sandbox Management – Partial, Full copy, Developer Pro and Developer

Test Execution Automation Integration

Code Quality Tools (Sonar etc) Integration

Expertise with industry standard DevOps Tools

  • GIT
  • Copado
  • Flowsum

Our Salesforce Tools & Technologies


  • LWC (HTML / CSS / JavaScript / XML / SVG)
  • Apex (Trigger + Class)


  • Flows (Screen + Record Triggered)
  • Profiles
  • Permission Sets
  • Layouts (Page Layouts + Flexi Pages)
  • Record Types
  • Experience Sites (Community Sites)
  • Custom Setting
  • Custom Metadata
  • 2GP – Packaging Model (Unlocked) – NameSpace, DevHub,
  • Scratch Orgs


  • Data Loader
  • Salesforce CLI (SFDX + SF)

Abjayon Salesforce Cloud Implementation Methodology

Development Process Flow

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