Chilling Efficiency: Abjayon Transforms a Unique Cooling District Operations with Oracle C2M implementation.

September 11, 2023

Abjayon’s team achieved a milestone by successfully implementing a fully optimized meter-to-cash business process for a prominent cooling company in Qatar within a record time.


Business Challenges:

  • The client, Qatar’s largest commercial provider of district cooling services, faced challenges in its Meter-to-Cash process, leading to issues like overcharging or undercharging customers, and lower-than-expected revenue.
  • The client was managing four cooling facilities across the West Bay and The Pearl-Qatar districts with a total refrigeration capacity of 237,000 tons.
  • The client’s existing systems were inflexible and complex, making it difficult to integrate with new technologies and address regulatory requirements, which prompted intervention from regulatory bodies.
  • The company needed to streamline its customer information systems, billing/collection, and customer support applications to improve efficiency and customer experience, as it was encountering notable challenges, particularly in addressing high-bill complaints and customer dissatisfaction.


  • Abjayon, as the lead system integrator, implemented Oracle Utilities Customer-to-Meter (C2M) service to modernize the client’s billing and customer service system.
  • The team performed data cleansing and transformation to achieve the necessary data normalization in the newly implemented C2M service.
  • A Digital Self-Service Portal was established to address customer demands and queries.
  • Integration with Oracle ERP, banks, and various payment channels was implemented to streamline the end-to-end Meter-to-Cash process.
  • The comprehensive streamlining of the project was carried out by a team of 20 experts over a period of nine months.


  • The project was successfully implemented, enabling the client to leverage cutting-edge technologies for enhanced consumer intelligence and streamlined corporate procedures, leading to reduced operational expenses.
  • The integration of the Customer-to-Meter service, customer care and engagement platform, meter management, invoicing, and payment technologies improved the overall Meter-to-Cash process, allowing the client’s team to access accurate and timely information more readily.
  • The refined solution successfully achieved all goals, earning high praise from the client for its results.
  • The client is currently receiving one-year post-go-live support and plans to incorporate the newly implemented Customer-to-Meter service in its upcoming business expansions.

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