Abjayon to bring new-age solutions for efficient energy usage for 5 Million homes in India

March 15, 2020

“Abjayon”, Sanskrit for the purity of thought and action is a unique company based out of Silicon Valley California and powered by former Oracle executives with a high degree of technical depth and expertise. The company is an Oracle Gold Partner and caters to different technology segments like Product Development and Cloud Migration, and verticals including Utilities, Hospitality. With the vision of reducing transmission losses, bringing energy efficiency and smart metering systems to India, Abjayon has recently been awarded the project for providing Enterprise software solution for 5 million “smart meters” across homes in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

Just the sheer numbers involved in the project, that too in very tight deadline and complex environment, is both a feat and an uphill climb for Abjayon.

Traditionally, India has a system of scalar meters which give unit readings based on usage. These readings are often inaccurate, not real time and have margins of errors in supply, the efficiency of usage etc. Additionally, there is no way for these systems to capture accurate data to reduce transmission losses and run analytics, see usage trends, optimize systems, and supply or identify risks.

Hence, the implementation project for the Smart Meters and Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management solution by Abjayon, Oracle Gold Partner. Not only does this solution address the above problems but work on making entire meter-to-cash cycle fully automated and digital. The real-time monitoring of energy usage and supply would help to determine patterns of usage down to the single source and assist in the mapping of usage and trends area-wise. This data is valuable for Utility companies to manage energy supplies based on trends and demands. In a country like India, where the availability of resources is inadequate due to the misbalance of energy supply and demand, such systems are expected to change the way utility companies operate and monitor supply. There is a lot of optimism attached to this mammoth project; as such a large-scale installation has never been taken up before.

The Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management solution is a powerful and critical platform to leverage the full value of data captured by each meter. This solution is designed to include not only robust data management features but also, advanced revenue protection features. The expectation is that in the states of UP and Haryana, these systems help manage energy supply efficiently, which in turn would enable better-uninterrupted supply, even to the remotest of regions and industry.

This system is expected to maximize the energy and technology dividends in India and transform the utility supply scenario. With dynamic data and real-time monitoring, possibilities with these smart systems are infinite. The expectations are set high with the aim to improve usage, supply and possibly optimizing costs too.

Being an Oracle Gold Partner, with a strong team built with expertise, experience, and endeavour, Abjayon is projected to be a major technology solution provider for Utilities and Hospitality industries worldwide. With over a decade of experience in the sector, they have established themselves as a company, which ensures quality deliverance in a stringent timeline with higher ROI.

With a project never done before in terms of size and complexity, Abjayon aims to make this a seamless transition to 5 million users across UP and Haryana. The team is all set to take forward the change and, instrument the transformation of systems at the grassroots level.


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