Boosting Appointments by 37%: Abjayon’s Seamless CX Solution for a Top NC Healthcare Provider

August 10, 2023

Business Challenges:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has placed the healthcare sector at the forefront, necessitating the adaptation of new protocols to manage many patient interactions.
  • Improving communication between healthcare staff and patients to yield enhanced patient experiences, reduced readmission rates, lower costs, better clinical outcomes, and increased patient loyalty.
  • Minimizing front desk interactions, enabling document uploads, digitizing forms, customizing care options, implementing EHR solutions for payment collection, establishing efficient telehealth, and facilitating integration and automation of business processes.


  • Developed a customer experience solution using a microservices-based design to scale up according to business requirements.
  • Integrated patient data with BirdEye and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create an enhanced patient feedback and strategy system.
  • Provided data to the NetSuite ERP and BI system to create a comprehensive business management solution stack.
  • Implemented real-time information and action prompts, digital forms, support manager, and kiosk to improve customer experiences.
  • Utilized quality management and workforce optimization tools to reduce front desk workload and offload time-consuming administrative tasks.


  • The redesigned solution met all objectives and received high praise from the client team.
  • The percentage of online appointments increased from 15% to 37% monthly.
  • Telehealth was used without interruption for nearly 50% of appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The client organization swiftly transitioned to a “telehealth-first” mode, serving patients smoothly within days.
  • The comprehensive approach to enhancing the patient experience demonstrates Abjayon’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the healthcare sector.

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