C2M implementation for prepaid meters in Bangladesh

February 21, 2024

Industry: Utilities

Overall goal :

To bring about reforms in the Bangladesh electricity distribution sector, the Northern Electricity Supply Company Ltd (NESCO) plans to implement a Customer Information System including customer lifecycle management, prepaid billing, financial data management and Customer Interactions on Oracle Utilities C2M  along with a robust customer portal for their Smart Prepayment IT Infrastructure.

Project Objectives :

  • To Cover End to End meter to cash process
  • Improved customer services and customer interactions
  • Faster turn around time for customer complaints, products and services
  • Automation in most of the services being offered to the customer.
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs for micro-generating customers via net metering
  • Reduced meter reading costs via on demand reads for smart AMI prepaid meters.
  • Revenue protection

Line of Action :

  • Planning and Inception of the Project
  • Implement of Technical Software (Oracle C2M) – Application and Database
  • Data Migration for candidate customer Accounts (Meters)
  • Testing
  • Training for all the candidate Business & End users
  • Deployment of software and data in Production for candidate divisions
  • Stabilization and Post-Go Live Support

Project outcome:

  • Total 3.31 Lacs Meters being served and plan to scale to 5 Lacs in future.
  • Successful C2M implementation along with Reports (OAS) for prepaid meters in Bangladesh
  • Successful Impresa CX implementation w.r.t Web self service (Customer Portal) 
  • Successful Data Migration for candidate customer Accounts (Meters)
  • Star And Wasion Vending System-C2M integration for Master Data
  • C2M – Star and Wasion HES Integration for meter profile data and alarms/events
  • High Quality Successful delivery


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