Transforming Bangladesh Electricity Distribution Sector Landscape with Oracle C2M implementation.

February 21, 2024

Business Challenges:

  • To drive reforms in Bangladesh Electricity Distribution Sector by
  • Implementing comprehensive Customer Information Systems covering Customer Lifecycle Management, Prepaid Billing, Financial Data Management and Customer Interactions
  • Establishing a robust customer portal for Smart Prepayment IT Infrastructure.



  1. Oracle Utilities Customer to Meter (C2M)
    • Covered the end-to-end meter-to-cash process
    • Enabled faster turnaround time for customer complaints, products, and services
    • Automated most of the services offered to customers
  1. Implemented a robust customer portal (Impresa CX) for smart prepayment IT infrastructure
    • Provided web self-service capabilities to customers
  1. Integrated the C2M system with Star and Wasion Head End Ssystems (HES)
    • Enabled master data integration
    • Facilitated meter profile data and alarms/events integration



  • Served a total of 3.31 Lacs meters, with plans to scale to 5 Lacs in the future
  • Successful C2M implementation along with Reports (OAS) for prepaid meters in Bangladesh
  • Successful Impresa CX implementation for web self-service (Customer Portal)
  • Successful data migration for candidate customer accounts (meters)
  • Achieved high-quality successful delivery of the project

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