Modernizing Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (LC and MS): A Digital Transformation Journey for a Fortune 500 Analytical Instruments Leader

July 6, 2023


Business Challenges:

  • Modernization of a desktop-based  LC and MS systems for a Fortune 500 American-based analytical instruments innovator
  • Rewriting existing desktop-based device drivers for LC and MS instruments with multiple UI applications for configuration, control, monitoring, and offline experiment creation
  • Transitioning to the latest web and API-based technologies to enable cloud deployments


  • Adopted a technology stack including .NET 8, VueJS, StencilJS, REST API
  • Implemented test automation for the UI using TestComplete and APIs using Postman
  • Established a collaborative engagement model where the team worked closely with the client’s leads, developers, and management
  • Provided technical management, development (including technical design), and QA services (including manual and automation testing)
  • Followed Agile Scrum methodologies and drove all the scrum ceremonies
  • Tracked progress through daily standups and helped unblock the team as needed


  • Bridged knowledge gaps through specialized workshops in Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry, ensuring team proficiency in niche domain concepts
  • Leveraged a technically strong team to comprehend and design intricate software architectures, delivering robust and performance-efficient designs
  • Quickly adapted to domain-specific testing challenges and developed a scalable automation framework for the driver, enabling efficient testing
  • Achieved unique testing capabilities, including Breadboard and remote instrument testing, and automated 200+ test cases for the driver REST APIs
  • Within 9-10 months, the team gained both technical and functional expertise, leading to the promotion of senior developers to leadership roles and successful ownership of specific features/modules
  • Completed 40+ sprints, developed 400+ user stories for LC and MS Method Editor, Direct Control, and DDI, and implemented a DDI Framework that can be used by all driver development teams
  • Strong technical management and leadership helped to bridge any gaps between the client’s requirements and the team’s understanding


Key achievements include bridging domain knowledge gaps, delivering robust and performance-efficient software designs, developing scalable test automation, and rapidly upskilling the team to gain both technical and functional expertise



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