Impresa CX implementation for one of leading electricity transmission and distribution companies in India

October 3, 2023

Client / Company profile:

Our client is responsible for making policy decisions involving optimum utilization of electric power sector resources of the region, thereby, improving the life of the people of the Union Territory. It manages Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution through its four companies.


  • Electric Utility

Problem / Use case:

  • Switching to smart meters for a large customer base
  • Migrating users from current system to new application seamlessly
  • Linking accounts of parents/elders for managing them together in a single place 
  • Repetitive & time-consuming tasks; providing billing information, updating customer details
  • Digitizing the payments and customer records for better management


Impresa CX solution to provide:

  • Customers can access their utility accounts and services anytime, anywhere, using their mobile 
  • Real-Time Usage Monitoring
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Enhanced Billing and Payment Experience
  • Account linking
  • Customer Engagement and Satisfaction


Impresa CX has a microservices-based architecture with MySQL as the database, Node JS and React as the front end


  • There is a sizeable user base using the self-service portal and the results have reduced customer queries and issues.
  • Feedback: Coverage of Impresa CX in the latest post on X by the utility company.


The Edge system was not managed by Abjayon and the integration saw some challenges of system availability and testing. There were also few challenges on migration from their current system to Impresa CX. All challenges were overcome by suggesting solution for less downtime of the portal and integrating with MDM for viewing all detailed usage data


The Impresa CX self-service portal is helping our client’s customers to digitally use our application for making payments and checking usage data, including linking accounts of parents and elderly making it easier for both customers and utility.


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