Unlocking Excellence: Self-Motivation as the Catalyst for Success

June 21, 2022

Post Courtesy & Written By: Sanjyoth Paracha, Vice President, Utilities Services

In my view, agency and self-awareness are two fundamental personality traits that every successful individual and leader should possess. Agency is the ability to identify goals or make choices and then act upon them independently, while self-awareness is the ability to see ourselves clearly, our abilities, shortcomings and our impact on others (how others perceive us).

In the software industry, unlike traditional industries with hierarchical organizations, a position of power alone is not a sufficient proxy for agency. While anyone has the potential to exercise agency, the ones that are most likely to do so are those that believe they can take action, play a decisive role and get things done. So then how can one empower themselves to exercise agency effectively? When you believe in your ability to do something and speak up in a timely and effective manner it empowers you to exercise agency effectively. It is on us as individuals who are part of an organization or project to be more involved in or actively make recommendations/participate in the process or project that we belong to without fear of failure and being judged. You will see that as you own and participate more, you start playing a more pivotal role in the organization.

Self-awareness is essential to exercising agency effectively and playing leadership roles. Research suggests that when we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident and more creative. We make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships, and communicate more effectively. As a result, we become better workers who get more promotions while being more-effective leaders with more-satisfied employees and more-profitable companies.

The Pandemic has given us this rare opportunity to see our lives and work in a new light. It has given us time to reflect and be more self-aware. This last year and half has helped me be more self-aware of my need for balance and empathy. Adding some immersive hobbies to increase creativity and balance and working with teams who are shouldering personal problems while having to maintain their professional responsibilities has made me a more empathetic leader. I would encourage you to take the time to reflect on your abilities, work on developing your skills to cover gaps and identify opportunities for growth and balance in your own lives. This will empower you to use your voice effectively and stay relevant.



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