Project Oasis: Transforming BlueGreen Energy with Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Solution (CCS)

February 28, 2024

Client Name: BlueGreen Energy


  • Start Date: 29-Jun-20
  • Due Date: Mar-2021
  • Completion Date: 5-Jan-21

Budget: EURO 360,000

Area of Work (Business/Tech Field): Energy/Utilities

Overall Goal:

  • Fixed Price: Implement base version of Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Solution (CCS) 2.7
  • Time & Material (T&M):
    • Integrations with Market Messaging Solutions
    • Integration with client Enterprise Applications
    • Integration with client Payment Gateway
    • Development of Custom solutions
    • Multi-Country Implementation

Client’s Objectives:

  • Implement CCS for multiple regions within EUR. Start with France and Spain

Project Leader: Prem Manyam

Resources Involved:

  • Project Director
  • Project Manager
  • Delivery Manager
  • Solution Architect
  • Release Engineer
  • Integration Architect
  • Integration Designer
  • Integration Developer
  • Integration Tester
  • Functional Architect
  • Functional Designer
  • Developer
  • Training Lead
  • Data Migration Engineer
  • Tester
  • BI Developer

Software/Consulting Solutions Chosen:

  • Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service
  • OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud)
  • Line of Action

Project Outcome:

  • Successfully Implemented base version of Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Solution (CCS) 2.7 for France and Spain
  • Integrated with Market Messaging Solutions (CSN) for France and Spain
  • Integration with client customer portal
  • Integration with client Payment Gateway
  • Successfully tested implementation for France and Spain
  • Requirements gathering completed for 2 other divisions


  • Project stopped in Jan 2021 due to client budget constraints

Scope of Improvement: 

While the Implementation of Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Solution (CCS) for BlueGreen Energy was successfully executed, there exist several areas for potential enhancement and refinement:

Extended Geographic Expansion:

  • The project primarily targeted the implementation of CCS in France and Spain. There is an opportunity to explore further expansion into additional regions within the European market, aligning with BlueGreen Energy’s growth strategy.

Enhanced Integration Capabilities:

  • The current scope includes integrations with Market Messaging Solutions, client Enterprise Applications, and the client Payment Gateway. Continuous exploration and implementation of new integrations can optimize operational efficiency and ensure seamless connectivity with evolving technological landscapes.

Advanced Testing Protocols:

  • Although the implementation for France and Spain was successfully tested, continuous improvement in testing protocols can further ensure the robustness and reliability of the Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Solution. This includes the development of comprehensive test cases and the utilization of advanced testing tools.

Customer Portal Optimization:

  • While the project integrated with the client’s customer portal, ongoing enhancements to the portal’s features and user experience can contribute to higher customer satisfaction and engagement.

Payment Gateway Security Enhancements:

  • As the project integrated with the client’s Payment Gateway, focusing on regular security assessments and the incorporation of the latest security measures can strengthen the overall cybersecurity posture.

Efficient Project Budget Management:

  • The project faced a halt in January 2021 due to client budget constraints. Implementing proactive budget management strategies and exploring cost-effective alternatives can mitigate such challenges and ensure project continuity.

Continuous Training and Skill Development:

  • Ongoing training programs for the project team and end-users can ensure that they stay abreast of the latest features and functionalities of Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Solution, maximizing its potential for the organization.

Responsive Data Migration Strategies:

  • In preparation for implementing CCS in additional divisions, refining and optimizing data migration strategies can streamline the process and minimize potential disruptions during deployment.

Regular Project Reviews and Assessments:

  • Periodic reviews and assessments of the implemented solution, considering user feedback and technological advancements, can identify areas for enhancement and innovation.

Adaptation to Regulatory Changes:

  • Given the dynamic nature of the energy and utilities sector, incorporating mechanisms to adapt to regulatory changes is essential. This ensures that the implemented CCS solution remains compliant and aligned with industry standards.

Addressing these areas within the scope of improvement will not only solidify the success of the current implementation but also contribute to the long-term efficiency and effectiveness of Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Solution at BlueGreen Energy.


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